Milezo & the Noize

by Milezo

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released October 27, 2012

Milezo & the Noize © 2012

Recorded, Produced, & Mastered by Ian Rundell at RAWPAW studios

All Songs/Lyrics/Artwork by Miles Kelley

Blair Robbins (Keys & Vocals)
Jake Bilich (Bass)
Sam Jordan (Drums/Vocals)
Miles Kelley (Guitars/Vocals/Harmonica)
Caitlin Lee (Vocals on "Silver Angel")




Milezo Austin, Texas

Milezo began in 2007 as the daydreamy lo-fi home project of Austin native Miles Kelley. Combining experimental folk, shimmery psych-rock and shoe-gaze overtones, the band's now four-piece live affair includes Blair Robbins (vocal / keys / guitar), newly added member Maud Morgan (bass) and Sam Jordan, the drummer who has lent his dynamic textures to Kelley's songs for more than a decade. ... more

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Track Name: Under the Sand
what makes you rust? the mindless patterns. who do you trust? smoke rings of saturn. they found their bones, out in the street, melting like candles in the summer heat. in the 18th palace of the underworld on sheets of thunder I meet a girl, at the outside parties she did explain how the city hands could cut your veins and leave you standing in the mud and the rain. it's a waterfall, and I'm UNDER THE SAND, it's a hopeful thought, and you've got me in yr. hand. understand when I'm doing what I do it's for my false conceptions of you.
Track Name: Rose Colored Glasses
I hate waiting, I hate knowing that you just might haunt me forever all my fingers freeze on the parlor keys my eyelids flicker like bug wings
tip toe around the sleeping giant jump through all the hoops you can when I dig too deep I hit rock bottom stay on the surface and loose the purpose

with fresh fangs and a halo on my head I'll be seeing through ROSE COLORED GLASSES again

loose my teeth every night my boots soak up fluorescent light check my pulse to find a beat on the asphalt of my street well its been along time since i've felt like this put my finger on my you exist?
do you exist?
do you exist?
Track Name: So Fine, So Fine
I walk by lead dogs so lazy blades of grass they think I'm crazy my brain waves always crash settle down then cycle back again what ya give is what ya get so all my insides are transparent what I say I might regret but my words aren't empty yet so believe them


I just need a chance to meet ya show ya that I'm not that evil when I walk I'm in my head and when I stare it's with my heart instead and I hope that she finds you like you know you want her too I really really really do all your clouds will float away so you can have some better days
Track Name: Switch On/Off
trying to figure all this out and keep all these thoughts inside my mouth but I don't know how teeth clench and make the powder boots TV lights replace the moon in the middle of the jungle to be honestly functional I might have to leave my skull or at least my bedroom

but I know that I'll get mine a little bit down the line and I wish that I met you on some different cloud so take em down inside your house with all that blood inside your mouth

down my spine so unkind time to time it's alright she's an angel with eyelids see the static inside and she feels love clouds from her halo phone line that I just switch on and off cause I just SWITCH ON/OFF

I am all I need you are all I want and I'm not too good at lying when the moon is high or the sun is low does it look like I am trying at all???
Track Name: God Fearing Men Who Start the Wars
miscommunication starts the war
miscommunication lets the lovers walk out the door
miscommunication is the whore of GOD FEARING MEN WHO START THE WARS
Track Name: Taste of Drunk
when waves were moon in the stream window kids sat inside red smoke to find the dream was dead and the sun is gone lost to the silver screens

THE TASTE OF DRUNK gets purple sleep
THE TASTE OF DRUNK gets purple sleep
THE TASTE OF DRUNK gets purple sleep but why the shaking face forever?
Track Name: Paint Drip Parties
let's stay up all night and decorate the wings for tomorrow's hopeful landing on the surface plant life lips appear all my apples bruising their own skin at pealed up PAINT DRIP PARTIES and it's hard to think it's ever gonna change living in this town just cars and signal static and I hope you're all doing fine
I'll be sowing fences drunk and defenseless in a pool of drool in time for breakfast angel she appears all my senses knowing that their own worth is measured in the mirror
I know whats better put on a sweater lets go out I'll be your lover or just your covers let's stay inside
let's stay inside
let's stay inside
Track Name: Hang the Feeders for the Birds
you create the monsters then complain about their claws you're an instrument of satan and thats not very cute at all mesmerized hypnotic sleep prescription drug war deals I like it when you're around because of how it makes me feel love force manipulations HANG THE FEEDERS FOR THE BIRDS and my heart is on vacation phones my brian with empty words I want to tuck you underneath my eyelids I want to say any thought that comes my way
so fine freezing on the coast line I ain't lying when I say my blood is drying up inside once I hit the sky and fall back down to earth again all I do is wonder all I do is worry all I do seems jagged all I do is wash away
I'm near the spiral staircase and I'm sleeping silver starlight Oh angel come and save me cut the string my head will float away cause I'm near the spiral staircase and I just don't feel alive today
Track Name: Echoes Depict the Kid
the tiger is still too lovely to feel mouth or wings surrounds him in the dusty forest bloody hair removed oh ECHOES DEPICT THE KID depicting this flash murder in memories without a voice her sister's strawberry screams surround the sink girls with ink till her hair has covered me
on the pavement
on the pavement
on the pavement
Track Name: Silver Angel
SILVER ANGEL with a gun got drunk and tried to kiss the sun fell to earth all alone till her fingers made her moan
feather cape face dripped paint lifeless body of the saint they buried her wrapped in sheets with the lion and the priest
dancing stripes hanging dead beat the bodies into red build the cities with the bones then stay alone inside yr. homes
cause silver angel with a gun got drunk and tried to kiss the sun
fell to earth all alone till her fingers made her moan
in the forest I heard you breathing you know seeing is believing I arched my neck to look around found you naked on the ground
she caught my eye in holy light I was blinded by the sight she was bloody she was bruised in blissful pain she was confused
oh silver angel please be mine i'll treat you good all of the time some people say that you're a witch but I think you could stitch my stitch cause silver angel with a gun got drunk and tried to kiss the sun fell to earth all alone till her fingers made her moan
all alone, all alone, all alone, all alone, all alone